Rossella S.r.l. boasts more than half a century of experience in paper support processing.
Our high level of expertise, quality and flexibility allow us to offer optimal solutions for single-silicon and double-silicon materials to our customers.

The raw materials used to produce our silicone papers all come from certified and industry-leading manufacturers.
FSC ® and PEFC ™ certified products are available on request.

SupportRangeSolvent Less SiliconeThermal CuringU.V. Curing
Glassine35-160 gsm
Clay Coated Kraft35-180 gsm
Double Clay Coated Kraft60-160 gsm
Poly Coated Kraft30-165 gsm
Double Poly Coated Kraft50-160 gsm
Kraft30-120 gsm


Rossella has been active on the market of silicone backings since 1963, producing a wide range of papers, plastic films and special materials whose siliconization is the result of a mix of experience, research and use of constantly renewed plants.