For the adhesive tape sector, Rossella offers a range of silicone supports which, depending on the technology adopted by the customer, can be mainly composed of a base Paper or Plastic Film material. They can be mono-siliconized or bi-siliconized, depending on the customer's needs, and can be customized with a special print up to 3 colors.

Rossella’s silicone supports satisfy the requests of leading adhesive tape manufacturers. Customers in the industry have a constant need to find the best performing silicone substrate for their production process.

So, in order to meet the many requirements, Rossella has developed a wide range of materials for the adhesive tape sector, from paper to plastic materials in PP, PET, HDPE, LDPE, etc..

All base materials are available in different thicknesses, colour and band-heights, to produce silicone products in line with the business/manufacturing objectives foreseen for each application.

Once the most suitable backing for the customer has been identified, Rossella makes its company workshops and know-how available to come up with the best silicone mix to obtain the optimal release force for the specific application required in the customer's industrial process.

PE coated kraft60-150
Clay coated kraft50-120

Other applications

Rossella has been active on the market of silicone backings since 1963, producing a wide range of papers, plastic films and special materials whose siliconization is the result of a mix of experience, research and use of constantly renewed plants.