For the PHARMACEUTICAL and MEDICAL sector, Rossella has been offering a range of different materials for decades, which, depending on the technology adopted by the customer, are divided into Paper or Plastic Film. They can be mono-siliconized or bi-siliconized, depending on the customer's needs, and can be customized with a special print up to 3 colors.

All base materials are available in different thicknesses, weights, colors and band-heights, to produce silicone products in line with the business/manufacturing objectives foreseen for each application.

Mainly used for the Pharmaceutical and Medical sector, Rossella - with its cutting department - is able to satisfy its customers by supplying finished products in reels, which, depending on the different materials, can reach a minimum range of 20mm.

Once the most suitable backing for the customer has been identified, Rossella makes its company workshops and know-how available to come up with the best silicone mix to obtain the optimal release force for the specific application required in the customer's industrial process.

Clay Coated40-70
Pe Coated Kraft60-90

Other applications

Rossella has been active on the market of silicone backings since 1963, producing a wide range of papers, plastic films and special materials whose siliconization is the result of a mix of experience, research and use of constantly renewed plants.